Monitor your Charging

The charging depot overview allows you to monitor the status of all charge points and the charging proces at all your depots

Depot overview

Get a traffic light indication of each charger and charge pistol on all depots

Alarming via SMS and e-mail

Get an SMS and/or e-mail in case of an error

Cost effeciency

Maximize your invenstment by using your charge capacity to the max

Depot Overview

Traffic light indication of all charge points

Get an instant overview with traffic light indication of all your charge points and see where a vehicle is charging and when it is expected to finish. The depot Overview also allows you to initiate or interrupt a charging process. With the depot overview it is easy to get an overview of your charging capacity and decide what charger is available if a vehicle needs charging immediately. 

Charge Depot status per charge point

See all your depots and status of the individual charge points and -pistols like

  • Is the charge pistol available and ready for charging
  • Is the charge pistol allocated to a vehicle for charging later
  • Is vehicle delayed according to plan
  • Is charging in process
  • Is charging completed
  • Are the correct vehicle connected to the correct charge pistol

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