Plan a Charge schedule

The Charge schedule planning tool allows you to define one or numerable charging schedules for each of your vehicles. Once defined you do not need to think more abouth charging.
Simple, easy and fast!

One vehicle multiple plans

One vehicle may have multiple reoccurring charge plans scheduled. One for weekdays, another for weekends

Multiple depots

A charge plan may allow vehicles to charge on different depots throughout the day

Cost effeciency

Define when the vehicle is avalible for charging and let ChargePlan find the cheapest charging period

Creating a schedule

Creating a charge schedule for each vehicle is simple. You simply define when the vehicle arrives and when en departs. That is your Schedule. ChargePlan will find the most optimal charging time between those two timeslots based on the energy price, charge capacity and the energy need of the vehicle.

Make the schedule reoccurring

A scheduled plan may be reoccurring and you can have multiple reoccurring plans for the same vehicle that is one reoccurring plan for weekdays and one for weekends. Futhermore, the plan allows you to allocate time for maintanance during charging period for washing of the vehicle etc. 

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