Reduce Costs by 20-50% when Charging

Energy prices can easily fluctuate several hundred percent between the most expensive hour and the cheapest in a single day. ChargePlan ensures cost-effective charging.

Minimize charging costs

Automatically move the charging time to when electricity is cheap.

Protect your investment

Charge only batteries to required capacity

Safe operations

Safe operations via noticications and alarms

Regular charging

Charging when arriving at the garage

The last activity for an EV driver is to connect the vehicle to a charger. This will instruct the charger to deliver energy but as can be seen from the price curve this might not be the most optimal time to start charging. 

However, it allows the driver to check if the charger delivers power to the vehicle thus giving a guarantee that the vehicle is ready for next days operation. 

Smart EV charging

Smart Charging

Save 20-50% with cost efficient charging

When using smart charging the EV driver still connect the vehicle to the charger when arriving at the depot. Then ChargePlan takes over and compute the most optimal charging time given the current energy prices, next departure time, kapacity of the charger and vehicle battery ability to consume energy. All these parameters and more are important when planning charging.

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