Get notifications and Monitor Health

Let ChargePlan notify you automatically in case of an unexpected event via email or SMS

Get notified

Get notificed automatically when an unexpected events occurs

Dashboard overview

Get an immediate overview of all vehicles and chargers

Secure operations

Let ChargePlan monitor your charging process

Get notified via SMS and/or E-mail

ChargePlan will automatically notify you in case of an unexpected event. The notification is sent as an SMS and/or e-mail and requires the subscriber to acknowledge the alarm within a given time period. Escalation setups ensure that unacknowledged alarms are escalated.

Monitor health of your Charging Operations

See all your depots and status of the individual charge points and -pistols like

Is the charge pistol available and ready for charging
Is the charge pistol allocated to a vehicle for charging later
Is vehicle delayed according to plan
Is charging in process
Is charging completed
Are the correct vehicle connected to the planned charge pistol

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