Realtime Vehicle Overview

Realtime vehicle overview

The realtime vehicle overview allows you to track every vehicle and see how much energy remains

Realtime vehicle location

See realtime location on map with one second delay and current energy level

Remaining range

Get an pronosise of the remaining range based on current driving behaviour

Cost effeciency

Maximize your invenstment by using all battery capacity

Realtime vehicle location

See where your vehicles are on a live map and review their current energy level and remaining distance. In this view you also can filter specific vehicles by name.

Energy remains or battery capacity in one thing. Remaining distance is something else and it depends on a number of factors like temperature, wind, driving behavior etc. ChargePlan makes a prognose of the remaining distance based on these factors and the historical driving behavior.

Remaining distance overview

The remaining distance dashboard gives you an overview 

  • Battery level/state of charge
  • Energy consumption (kWh/h)
  • Distance driven (km)
  • Remaining distance until 15% battery capacity

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